Lakes Killarney and Glencar

The Killarney Lakes are famous throughout the world for their beauty but it is as a wild brown trout fishery that it is known to fly fishing enthusiasts with excellent opportunities to catch wild fish from April right through to Oct 12th. Lough Leane is the largest lake with a mix of sandstone and limestone bedrock giving it a unique profile among wild fisheries in the area. Muckross Lake adjoins Leane and can be accessed by boat with an onward journey into the beautiful upper lakes. All these lakes provide excellent wild brown trout which are relatively free rising. The catchment is part of a National Park but when you travel it by boat you are really in a wilderness among old oak forests with native Red deer abundant along the shorelines. This is home to the White Tailed Eagle which can be viewed perched along the shorelines amongst the old oak natural forests.

Caragh Lake and its associated tributaries flow into Dingle Bay. The main lake is an excellent wild brown trout fishery with free rising trout. The best times are April through to October 12th with rarely a disappointing day. Lough Acoose and Cloon Lake are privately managed but access can be arranged.

As always the wild Brown Trout are conservative in their choice of fly pattern with similar to Derriana being the normal course to follow. 

Both the Killarney system and the Caragh system have runs of wild Atlantic salmon and each year numbers of salmon are taken by trout fishermen. These systems are little over a half hour drive from Derriana Lodge.